ENVISAT/SCIAMACHY homepage at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB/BIRA, Belgium) Satellite Group at the University of Heidelberg (IUP Heidelberg, Germany)
SCIAMACHY website of the European Space Agency SCIAMACHY Operations Support (SOST)
The German Contribution to the Validation Of Sciamachy (GC-VOS) SCIAMACHY Validation (SCIAVALIG)
The German Sciamachy Portal SCIAMACHY website at the Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON, The Netherlands)
Netherlands SCIAMACHY data center (KNMI) SCIAMACHY website at the University of Bremen (IUP/IFE, Germany)
SCIAMACHY Data Archive (IUP/ife Bremen) SCIAMACHY website at the World Data Center for Atmospheric Remote Sensing